Friday, March 21, 2008

The Rant - March 22, 2008

In our local paper there is a section called the Soap the AJC there is a section called the Vent where people call or write in to leave random thoughts. Since I don't have 1 million people contributing to my blog with inane comments I figured I would just call my tirades "The Rant" - a collection of my thoughts from the last few days.
  • Why can't you get a regular pretzel with salt at Disney's Magic Kingdom? All we could find were stuffed pretzels. On top of that I was very disappointed I couldn't find a place to get a Mickey Head Ice Cream after 10:00 p.m.
  • The greatest ride you want to miss at the Magic Kingdom is the Astro Orbiter. 45 minutes in line for a 1:30 experience that is similar too taking a corner in your car at 15 mph.
  • I like her...she likes me...let's see where this goes. I have high hopes because she is a wonderful lady. She smells good too.
  • You are reading the blog of the new President of the American Poker Players Association - can I get a parade and a Lewinsky?
  • To all my friends - I hate sushi. Stop asking me if I want to go out for it. I don't!
  • I had the best sushi I every tried at Disney in the Contemporary Resorts California Grill. California Rolls of course - you should still refer to my previous rant about sushi.
  • Obama's preacher has about as much relevance on his ability perform as president as does made up comments from his wife on the Internet.
  • I am voting for John McCain.
  • I need to go try out Props and Hops before the boating season begins.
  • Does it make you cool to walk up to a bar and ask, "what type of chardonnay are you pouring?" Just order your Kendall Jackson and shut up Mr. Sommerlier.


Steele Street said...

Yeah buddy, another 100 years of war in Iraq, whoohooo!

Eric Meadows said...

Jason is now in the category of die hard democrat. Follow the playbook...don't think for is all about the group - and the script.