Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Problem with $12 Parking

I am in Orlando for a conference called VoiceCon and today when I went to the facility to attend the show they tried to charge me $12 for the privilidge of parking. This irritates me. Why? Well no other facility or hotel in the Orlando area charges you for parking - only the theme parks and the Gaylord Palms is no theme park. Also, it irritates me when a hotel tries to charge you $220 per night and then tries to nickel and dime you for everything else (like the Gaylord Palms). So I did what any red blooded good employee would do...I parked somewhere else, but where you might ask? How about Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort with no fee and took a shuttle to the Gaylord Palms. Tonight I am going to see Cirque Du Soliel's La Nouba at Disney's Westside and there is no fee for parking there. The lesson of this story - the Gaylord Palms is nice, but unless it comes with a butler or fellatio $12 for parking and $220 a night for a hotel is daffy.

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Steele Street said...

I find there to be a inverse correlation between room price and the price of everything else in a hotel. At a $200/night hotel you typically pay for parking, breakfast, and internet, not to mention the undisclosed "resort charges" and "energy surcharges". Go to a good budget chain like the Hampton Inn and it is all included for half the price.

Most other travel industry pricing schemes give you more value when you pay more, and less value when you pay less.

I can't explain it.