Monday, March 17, 2008

The Best $73.49 I Spent Today

Every day we spend money. Sometimes on things we need and sometimes on things we want. I have always wanted to see the Blue Man Group, but never ventured to a nearby box office to pick up a tickent when opportunity knocked. So tonight in Orlando I met up with my good friend David Murray and his lovely wife Heidi (score one for Dave!!) and on a whim we headed over to Universal Studios City Walk. Keeping in mind that today, well yesterday, was St. Patrick's Day we cluelessly headed to have a few drinks and chat and when we came to the barracades holding the throngs of drunk "Irish wannabes" we headed towards Hard Rock only to walk by a sign advertising the Blue Man Group Performance at 9:00 p.m. It was only 8:40 p.m. so we bantered a bit and sauntered up to the Blue Man Group Box Office.

A nice lady promptly told us that the show was sold out, but after some coaxing she relented and sold us 3 seats to see what turned out to be a great show. LESSON: No show is ever sold out - ther are always unclaimed tickets for VIP guests, no shows, or house reserved seats for family of performers - just be relentless and eventually any Box Office pimp will yeild to your will.

The show was great as I said before and the primal beating of plumbing, barrels and drums mixed with the music and general goofiness was a sight to behold. I will never look at toilet paper the same again!

So in closing the best $73.49 I spent today was seeing the Blue Man time you are in Orlando, Vegas, or have a BMG Tour cut a swath through your town run to the box office and don't take no for an answer.

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Steele Street said...

Sounds like Stomp! to me. That was cool!