Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Passionate About Cirque

I am a Passionate! A fan of Cirque Du Soleil that is. I am also a Disney fan...however I am pretty sure I am a bigger Cirque Du Soleil fan - so being in Orlando last week was like winning the lottery!

Last Tuesday night I went to the Cirque Du Soleil show in Orlando called La Nouba. Granted it was the 5th or 6th time seeing it, I was still enthralled and amazed. The show is constantly changing with new artists and acts. The last time I saw it was in June 2007 during CirqueCon (I am a big Cirque geek obviously).

My fondness for Cirque began sometime back in the 90's when I saw my first Cirque show in Atlanta. It was Alegria and I went more out of curiosity and to deliver on a commitment I made to some friends with the expectation of seeing just another low grade "circus". Cirque is far more than that though and I left the tent that night a fan for life. The artists were spectacular, the environment beautiful, lush, the music was original - unlike anything I had heard before. The beauty of Cirque Du Soleil lies in the creative intertwining of all the elements presented elevating the experience to a level well above your highest expectation - for most. I say most because some people don't like Cirque - they don't appreciate the experience and that is fine. I don't like antiquing, but we can all still be friends. So for those of you who do like Cirque Du Soleil, or wondered why I like it so much now you have a better idea and an invitation to join me if you'd like during one of my upcoming visits to see Cirque in Seattle with Celebri, Japan with CirqueCon or on my own in Las Vegas.

Perhaps you can become a Passionate too?

(Photos: -Top: Les Cons from La Nouba; Middle: Group photo from CirqueCon 2007, I am in the center back row below man in red's shoe; Bottom Bottom: The CirqueCon 2008 logo.)

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