Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Issues Should Trump Popularism

Whether you agree with me and my political opinions or not I am pretty sure that we could find some common ground in one area - that issues should trump popularism in who we select for President. It seems to me that every day the paparazzi and pundits posing as news people rain down upon us meaningless stories that make for a great soap opera, but don't have any bearing on the ability of a candidate to be president. Just browsing FactCheck.org and RealClearPolitics.com I see tons of irrelevant diversions focused on fulfilling our societies short attention span.

When you select a President focusing on the issues that are important to you should dictate how you vote - not that you like somoene's haircut, what their preacher did, that they misspoke at an impromptu news conference or lied about being under fire in Bosnia. Mine are the budget / deficit, immigration, and national defense. What are your key issues, or are you one of those that is waiting to make a decision based on what the latest American Idol cast off thinks?

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