Monday, March 17, 2008

Good Reasons for Eric Blog

10. Now my bull**it can be documented and used against me later in a court of law.

9. My mom and grandmother can know what I am up to even when I don't call.

8. I have a lot to say and no one wants to listen.

7. My dogs don't respond to me when I have conversations with them.

6. Good things do happen and I think someone should point them out - like me getting divorced.

5. At 1:34 a.m., when you are in a hotel room in Orlando (MCO) a bit bored and a bit procrastinating - is there anything better to do than waste time on the internet creating a top 10 list?

4. I can harass Richard Allan to no end about his affinity for Dale Earnhardt, Jr., NASCAR in general and also discuss things I care about.

3. I get sick of reading other peoples opinions when mine is always right.

2. I want to violate as many copyrights as possible - does David Letterman's Top Ten List count?

1. Jason Steele is tired of me sending him my comments on everything he posts (he won't post them anyway).


Steele Street said...

Dude, I posted your comments, except the nonsense about Obama being a communist. I asked you for any evidence, and you said "It is on the Internet" Whoa, case closed!

Eric Meadows said...

I knew that would get Jason going....he is correct. I just wanted to poke him a bit.