Monday, April 7, 2008

The Blog That Wasn't

I spent the last four days with some friends of mine on a guys weekend playing in the 2008 WSOP Circuit Event at Caesars Indiana. During our four days there of gambling, drinking and just having a good time I meant to write a blog called the "Drunken Blog", but alas I never turned on my computer and didn't even check my work email. So knowing that few people will read this and even fewer will make comments about it I am going to summarize the entire trip into a few one liners that you can pick and chose from to ask me about later when I see you.

1. The great race between the Infiniti G35 and the Honda Odyssey.
2. Dale DaCruz finishing 55th in a field of 622 at Event #4 of the WSOP Circuit Event.
3. The drinks aren't on the house?
4. Snoring - everywhere!
5. The "Legend".
6. The 75 year old master of the "vogue"
7. Jerry Donovan's bed time pool.
8. Kasey Lynn
9. The food was actually good - Cleos Philly Cheesesteak.
10. The drunken throw down at Legends.
11. BB King's ribs - phenomenal.
12. 3 card poker and the WSOP table game.
13. Spencer hitting two straight flushes within minutes with the same cards.
14. So much water everywhere.
15. Great time - next time let's pick a different location.

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