Monday, October 27, 2008

D) None of the above

To me politics is becoming much like a multiple choice test. Based on the question you determine your answer, but far too often the questions are misleading, rude or are solely in place for entertainment value and never hit the mark of what really matters in elections.

A perfect example of this is the recent interview between Joe Biden and Barbara West. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out on YouTube - better yet - don't waste your time.

In short, I am fed up with this election. Although I cast a ballot I find myself voting for the person I feel has the fewest negatives instead of the person with the most positives and that aggravates me. I know the issues, I believe I get what needs to happen in this country and I know that none of the candidates from any of the parties have any real answers - only pacification and pandering.

I officially retract my vote and replace it with answer "D". None of the above.

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Steele Street said...

Long time no blog. I just saw the Barbara West "interview" and I loved Biden's response to her nonsense. I expect her to be hired by Fox any day now.

I think it is interesting that both McCain and Obama supporters are pointing to the interview as an example of what they like to see, kind of like what originally happened with Joe the Plumber.