Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama Leads, McCain Stumbles, Biden goofs, & Palin Kept Limited

Obama leads in all the major polls nationally. Some large margins, some smaller, but, significant.

McCain still gained ground in key states. But, he hasn't moved much to take over, and can he at this point? If you can't hold Virginia and Colorado from the Democrats, you don't deserve to win Senator McCain.

Just as Al Gore lost not only because of Florida, but, because he did not hold West Virgina, and lost his home state, and Bill's home state - popular incumbents don't do that. He did.

Obama has not had to do much, most of this lead is due to the economic news and hysteria in the last two weeks. He just had to sit back, and enjoy the free ride on that. The 'other' party, whichever one it would be, has a major advantage on the issue. Fact. Totally fair as well. It's just an obvious conclusion, and it's very fair to give that advantage to the other party.

Obama is 75% of the way to the White House as of today. He has only not to mess up in the debates, and it's his.

The media adulation and assistance to his campaign doesn't hurt either. It's been over the top, but, so common now, why bother saying anything much.

McCain however has stumbled, he has let an easy issue get away from him.

He had only to say, hey, I told you this would happen, and play that soundbite of his predicting this from 2006, over & over on TV and radio. He didn't.

He had only to say the Congress should bite the bullet, and take the lead, and lead it incentive package, a less gigantic bailout package with lots of paybacks required, and an energy bill tied to it, now.....

He has only to say, this is where bipartisan support matters, and I'm the master of doing that, not Senator Obama.

Instead, he blamed Chris Cox, what? He blamed greed and Wall Street. Ugh. You sound like a Democrat, people will vote for the Democrat, not the RHINO.

He blew it going on The View. He blew it going on with Letterman, why bother?

Hey, John, call, Rush, Laura, Sean, Larry, Michael Medved, Mike Reagan, and get the activist base ready to battle for you with a quick call into their shows, something he has done only a few times, and in short time frames. He avoids it.

Biden - what is with this guy? I will enjoy 4 years of his gaffes. They will be fun to see and hear. He's making Dan Quayle look like Einstein. Really, that's the Joe Biden I have grown to love and admire.....Keep it up. It's comical relief.

Palin - Fundraising and crowds and enthusiasm, yeah, she's doing it. Give her credit, she's pulling up her VP end on the ticket. But, McCain is holding her on a tight leash....not letting her do many interviews, or TV spots. Fearful she may goof up. So what? Let her talk John. We like her, we want to see & hear her. He's also afraid, I'm sad to say, she is more popular than he is. Crowds come to see her, not him. Fundraisers sell out for her, not him. TV likes to dissect her every word and move, not his (good and bad).

Senator, if you're going to lose, and it looks like you will (good fight though), you should let Pailn get out there on her own more....she can help that way more, than tied to you.

To the George Wills and David Brooks of the conservative side, they hate Palin, they wanted an older guy with experience in there....that would only have led to one thing: McCain down by 25 at this point. Romney or Ridge or Rudy or Thompson or Kyl would not have added much to the ticket. Certainly, no excitement or enthusiasm, and that's what McCain needed.

Not like she is going to say 57 states, ask a guy bound to a wheelchair to stand up or forget who was President in 1929 like Biden did.

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Steele Street said...

Nice post but two comments:

1. RINO has no H in the way that you used it.

2. I think had he chosen Kyl he would be far more than 25 points down in the poll. Kyl is also a Senator from Arizona, and it is forbidden by the constitution to have both the President and VP from the same state.

Also, you did not address the problem that Palin is a blithering idiot totally unqualified to be elected dog-catcher. No wonder Ahmedenejad gives more press conferences than her.

Eric Meadows said...

If you read at the bottom - these were not my thoughts. They were those of another, but let me counter a couple of your points.

1. Cut and paste is not spell and check. If I write it I spell check it.

2. Kyl's selection would have been a bad choice. We agree.

3. On Palin - she is as qualified as Obama with his community organizer and brief Senate career, but then again we aren't electing a Vice President - now are we? Based on your analysis of Palin you should be voting for McCain as he has far more experience than Obama. Your argument is assinine, partisan, and generally pathetic.