Friday, July 25, 2008

Media Nailed for Bias

In a recent editorial column by William Tate in Investors Business Daily the bias of media is called out towards left leaning candidates.

I found this editorial funny and saddening at the same time and granted I believe Barak Obama has done a good job of making his own good luck, it would be asinine for any of my friends on the left to make a good case that he hasn't had a lot of help from the media after reading this article.

A few items I found interesting were that donations from Fox News Channel, who is consistently criticized for having a right wing bias, actually saw 100% of their donations go to -- wait for it -- can you guess -- Democrats! Now that doesn't seem fair and balanced, does it? I think Fox gets this wrap from other media outlets due to their commentators - not their reporters and considering the bias that the media shows to democrats the picture is starting to get clearer.

As the old adage goes, follow the money and boy what you learn when you do. I encourage you to read William Tate's entire editorial by clicking here.

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Steele Street said...

They have journalists at Fox?

If I accept the statistics of campaign contributions by "journalists", it still does not prove the case that the product, the broadcast, is necessarily liberally biased. I think your (counter)example of Faux news is proves, in fact, that these numbers are meaningless, as there is far greater evidence that Elvis is alive than that Fox is liberally biased.

What is a journalist, according to this article? Any on air personality? Certain people? O'Reilly? (yeah right). I would look at the ownership and management first.