Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Inconsistentcies of Philosophy

When it comes to abortion and the death penalty people are as polarized as my latest pair of sun glasses, but as you peel back the onion and start to think about the platform position of democrats and republicans it becomes clear to me that both have major inconsistency.

Let's begin with abortion - probably the most polarizing discussion you can have with someone. Personally I don't think the current state of Roe - versus - Wade is going to change anytime soon, but generally speaking democrats support the right to abortion and republicans oppose the right to abortion.

Now onto the death penalty. In this case the democratic platform generally opposes the death penalty and the republican party resoundingly supports it.

Do you see a problem here like I do? Doesn't it seem a bit inconsistent in that if you supported right to life you shouldn't support the death penalty and conversely if you support the right to abortion you should support the death penalty?

I personally cannot reconcile it - and no matter what justification is thrown on the table I don't think they can either.

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