Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meadows Lane

In response to my good friends blog, Steele Street, I decided to create my own and utilize this Internet thing - I think it is finally catching on! In homage to Jason's naming strategy I am called my blog Meadows Lane. My first choice was eMeadows, but some guy has already reserved it to blog about his pathetic cyber life and lack of any female interest.

My blog is about what is on my mind - travel, life, politics, relationships, poker, flying, boating, tennis and any other subject I deem myself an expert (or a pseudo expert).

I hope you enjoy my rantings - on a side note...isn't it ironic that people only ask you "are you enjoying yourself" when you aren't?

Let the games begin...or continue depending on if you have read any of my blogs before.


Steele Street said...

Did you try e-meadows?

Eric Meadows said...

I did try e-meadows, but decided against it in favor of Meadows Lane.