Friday, June 13, 2008

My $240 Dish Network Decision

I have a big decision to make - to cancel my Dish Network agreement it will cost me $240. I am thinking it may be worth it since I have 13 months left on an 18 month agreement and since I am already paying them nearly $80 a month for service. Their loss will be greater than my own in the long run (they lose $80 a month - I lose $19) or to net it out I save $800 over the next 13 months by canning these clowns.

In fact it gets even better...if I cancel them I don't have to pay their flaky goon to come to my house and fix their terrible system for $29 making it an even better deal.

Considering all the problems I have had with Dish Network (twice) this seems like a no brainer.

Free over the air HDTV - here I come!!!

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Steele Street said...

Good decision. Take that $80 a month and order your favorite shows on DVD, take your girlfriend out to a movie, and deprive yourself of cable news, while enjoying free HD television.