Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Man Without Gloves

Imagine a man who wore gloves throughout his life. The gloves allowed him to experience, but not truly feel the gifts and experiences he encountered. Sure, he did some phenomenal things....traveled, learned to fly, fulfilled many of his dreams in life - but never really felt the joy and completeness of his accomplishments - or more likely these were not the accomplishments he sought?

The gloves were his shell...his protection keeping him safe, but never allowing him to put himself out there - keeping him from being hurt again - keeping him from feeling the complete ends of the spectrum of emotion whether that be hurt or complete infatuation. They kept his essence from his true potential and the realization of what he wanted out of life.

His gloves are off now and they have been for a while. He sees what he wants. He knows what he sees. Most importantly he can experience these things like never before.

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